Ways to train your brain.

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 Today we have 6 ways to train the brain to develop abilities and creativity for you with “Neurobics”. Virtual gymnastics training for the brain. It will help manage your brain cells to be more refreshed and lively body.

1. Avoid monotony

escape from monotony It is the essence of the concept of neurobiology. Because doing something repeatedly In addition to causing boredom The brain can feel bored too. Therefore, you should look for something new to do, even just a little, but it can help your nerve cells relax and relieve stress from your regular work.UFABET

2. Change your personal aptitude

Right-handed people can try using their left hand. Or if you’re left-handed Try using your right hand instead. Whether combing your hair, brushing your teeth, or writing a book. Which is to change something that is monotonous Not just having fun But it also makes different parts of the brain more active, and you will find that reversing things is not as difficult as you thought.

3. Find new paths

Try to find new ways to walk, avoid old, boring routes. Whether it’s on the way to the office or on the way home. Why not take a walk through the park? Or change to another route that you’ve never seen before? Doing this will not only give your brain a chance to think. You also find new things. All the time as well

4Enhance memories with scent

While talking on the phone or reading a book, you should inhale the scent of essential oils, such as apple scent. Mint or lemon scent Because the smell will help stimulate memory in details better.

5. Eat strange food every day.

If eating food that is different from before It will make your taste buds work better. If you don’t believe me, try the food at a Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, or Indian restaurant. The smell and taste of food Something different will make your brain feel like you have traveled to a strange place.

6. Turn off the auditory nerve.

Try using special cotton balls or earplugs. To practice using only the senses of sight and nose for a while. Maybe you might discover a new special ability that you never thought you had yourself.