How to play fantan online

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Learning is essential to making gambling more money and fun. Like how to play Fantan? Having said that, you can quickly bet on this popular online casino game. There is a way to say that How to play that can be easily understood. And not complicated within a short period of time, can play the game, easily get money into the account. สมัคร UFABET

For how to play the Fantan game is to use buttons or beans in the amount of 200 – 500 tablets according to the style of that online casino. After that, the dealer will take a cup out of a pile of at least 20 Fantan, divided into 4 piles each. You have to bet on how many of the last piles are left. By letting you choose from pills 1, 2, 3 and 4. 

How to play Fantan (Fantan) can bet in many forms, including

  1. A two-number combination bet is to bet on two numbers at the same time.
  2. A favorite bet is to bet on any number 1, 2, 3 or 4. 
  3. A triple bet is a choice of bets on 3 numbers divide into 123, 124, 134 or 234. 
  4. Even-odd bets are bets on whether the numbers will be even or odd.

Rules of playing Fantan

  1. Fantan, the default rules, the dealer announces the opening of the game and allows the player to place bets. 
  2. Choose to place bets in the desired format. Which will be divided into bets on favorites. Bets on three numbers, bets on two or play even and odd 
  3. Choose the amount for betting Fantan Casino
  4. After placing bets press confirm bet
  5. when finished will be announce. The dealer will calculate the amount of bets lost or receive in the game.

Introducing the Fantan recipe

Fantan online game Having an easy way to play and learning the Fantan formula will give you more chances to make a profit from online casinos. There are formulas for online Fantan games that are very popular from these gamblers as follows:

1. Emphasis on even-odd bets

The selection of even-odd bets has a higher chance of winning. It is a choice whether the last pile will come out as odd numbers 1 and 3 or will come out even 2 and 4.

2. Place 2 continual mergers.

Betting on 2 consecutive numbers is to bet with only two sample numbers only. You set the number you want to place the money and set it aside for a long time. will have a chance to make more money

3. Fantan thrust recipe

In betting, if you bet win or lose, choose to double the amount of money. Suitable for people who have capital to bet. That will allow you to make even more money For example. The next 10 rounds of bets are increased to 20 and then 40, etc.