Manchester City defeated RB Leipzig 3-1.

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Manchester City defeated RB Leipzig 3-1 in the Champions League last night. At the Red Bull Arena, Germany, it is the second match of the Champions League Group G. With Leipzig dueling with the former champions, the Blues.

Playing until the 14th minute, Manchester City got the golden goal of Bernardo Silva. Who slammed in for Rego Lewis to turn and shoot and block the ball. Bouncing to Phil Foden, who counter-shot with his left and missed the far pos unfortunate.

Then in the 19th minute the visiting team had another chance. Which was the original owner, Phil Foden, who shot emphatically. UFABET But the ball didn’t match the frame and came off the back like usual.

Until the 25th minute, the Blues took a 1-0 lead from the original trio. Bernardo Silva flowed up to the right for Rego Lewis to slap the ball inside. Phil Foden inserted and shot with nothing left. carcass

In the 31st minute, the score should have been two. But Erling Haaland, who made a beautiful turn to get away from the defender, misfired and sent the ball out of bounds. Which was unbelievable.

At the end of the game.

the visiting team had another chance. This time Erling Haaland shot on target but was saved by Leipzig’s Janis Blaswich.

Two minutes into the second half. The home team equalized 1-1 from a counterattack. Yussuf Poulsen stabbed a hole in the middle of the field for Lois Openda to drop to the right. Even though he was hit, he was still able to shoot the ball. The far post enters the net.

In the 57th minute, Manchester City missed the chance to take the lead again. Phil Foden cut from the left to the second post. Erling Haaland charged but the ball was out of bounds.

Played until the 63rd minute. The Blues missed another opportunity. This time it was a long-range free-kick. Phil Foden’s shot hit the crossbar, unfortunately.

At the end of the game, in the 82nd minute. Erling Haaland almost acted and turned into the penalty area, trying to attract a target. But was cut in front of the defender, grabbed the ball and then blocked it out.

But in the 84th minute, the visiting team took a 2-1 lead with two substitutes. Jeremy Doku hit from the left for Julian Alvarez to spin with his right and the ball floated cleanly into the far post.

The hosts almost immediately regained control in the 86th minute, but Christoph Bautgartner The substitute spun right over the crossbar a little.

In the first minute of added time, the visiting team scored the final goal from a counter-attack. Julian Alvarez let Jeremy Doku slip to the left before slamming it into the far post with nothing left. The game ended. Manchester City defeated Leipzig 3 -1 won two games in a row

Another match in the same group, Red Star tied Young Boys 2-2.