Osimhen has a chance to hit Real Madrid form.

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Victor Osimhen performance caught the eye of Real Madrid in their game against Napoli in the Champions League. But submitting an offer still depends on many factors.

The Nigeria striker may not have scored. But he did award a penalty. Which Piotr Zielinski launched into the Stadio Diego Maradona.

He also tested Kepa Arrizabalaga. The White King’s goalkeeper as well and was flanked by Antonio Rudiger throughout the game UFABET 

According to Tuttomercato, Osimhen impressed Real Madrid directors enough for them to seriously consider the Serie A top scorer’s future last season already.

However, there are many factors that can affect the situation one way or another.

First of all, Osimhen has not yet signed a new contract with Napoli and his deal expires in 2025.

Another thing is that Real Madrid is still waiting to see what happens to their long-term target Kylian Mbappe. Who every summer seems to be close to leaving PSG.

The most interesting option would be for both Osimhen and Mbappe to work together at the Bernabeu. And considering Real Madrid recently invested more than €100 million in Jude Bellingham. It’s well within their means.

At present, although Osimhen receives a salary of 5 million euros per year from playing for Napoli. Or approximately 955,000 baht per week. The wealth and fame that he has acquired do not make this young player happy. He still lives down to earth. And every time I have free time. I try to find inspiration to add energy so that my life can continue to develop.