Benefits of bean sprouts.

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It is said that “bean sprouts” can be considered a cultural heritage of Asia’s food culture. The first country in the world to grow bean sprouts to eat was China. There is evidence that Chinese people have been eating since 2930 BC. Ancient Chinese people used germinated soybeans as a source of vitamin C in winter. When fruits and vegetables were scarce. Especially sailors would grow bean sprouts to eat on ships to prevent and treat scurvy. It is known that soybean sprouts contain vitamin C. The raw soybeans And tofu made from soybeans doesn’t contain any vitamin C.UFABET 

When soybeans are grown. They are high in vitamin C (100 grams of bean sprouts contain 5 milligrams of vitamin C). The protein in bean sprouts is slightly more than ordinary beans. In addition, germination also makes Vitamin B12 is produced. Which is necessary for cell growth and repair. Contain iron that the body can digest more easily than other vegetables, vitamin B17 and lecithin. Which helps nourish nerves and brain function. Most important and interesting. For young people who don’t want to get old, fresh have life energy which makes the body refreshed and not age quickly because contain an anti-aging substance called Auxinon which has the ability to keep the body young for a long time. Don’t grow old before the time is right.

Bean sprouts are a source of vitamins.

Chinese medicine uses bean sprouts to boil in soup to help expel phlegm, open the lungs, and act as a diuretic. And because the nutrient molecules in the germinated bean seeds have changed in Characteristics that our body can easily digest Proteins are broken down into amino acids. Starch is a simple carbohydrate or glucose. And fat is already fatty acids, so are a very easily digested food. When we eat, it helps to save work for the digestive system. Reduce waste and residue (toxin) in the body When the body system does not have to work too hard. The body therefore deteriorates slowly and does not age quickly.