How to play gourd, crab, fish?

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Many people try to play the game of gourds, crabs, fish , and they love it because it’s easy to play and gets a lot of money! game gourd, crab, fish It is a game with 6 animal images for us to choose from. If we guess correctly, we can get the prize money as agreed. It’s a simple game that doesn’t require skill. You don’t have to practice much. But if you play often, the experience will make you more expert. Then you can guess what the next picture will come out. สมัคร UFABET

What is gourd, crab, fish?

game gourd, crab, fish or in the past known as gourd, crab, fish, paper It is a game that originated from China. The Chinese Hokkien invented the game in the form of paper. With all 6 animal images, including gourds, crabs, fish, tigers, chickens and shrimps, then the player will bet on what picture will be released. It will shake 3 dice with images of animals. When thrown out, the image is exactly the same as the one we stabbed. Get the prize money as agreed. It’s a game that isn’t difficult to play.

Gourds, crabs, fish, how to play, in general

gourd, crab, fish symbol

Many people say that gourds, crabs, fish have a method of playing similar to dice games. But in fact, it’s easier to play and more versatile. The game can be stabbed in 2 main formats as follows…

  • Bet on Animal Pictures – This is the easiest and most popular method. This is a way for players to choose to bet on what pictures the three dice will produce. If we guess correctly, we get money. which can stab a single animal image You can stab two animals. Or can stab 3 images of animals in a Tong style. But the animal image must come out exactly the same. It will be more difficult but also earn more money.
  • Betting by the color of the picture – it’s a more difficult way to bet. By letting players bet on what color the picture will come out of, which in 6 images there will be 3 color pairs, including blue (gourd, tiger), green (shrimp, crab) and red (fish, chicken). Can choose to bet on 1 single color, bet on 2 of the same color, or bet on 3 pictures of the same color, the payout rate will be more and more according to the difficulty.

Gourd, Crab, Fish Shake High-low betting method

In addition to the two methods mentioned above There are also gourds, crabs, fish thrusts in the form of “high-low” that are similar to dice. With an easy way to bet, it is for us to guess whether the sum of all 3 dice will come out high or low. If we guess correctly, we get the prize money. The points can be viewed as follows…

  • Low score = 4 -10 points
  • High Point = 11-17 Points

The 6 animal images are divided differently as follows…

  • Chicken = 6 points
  • Crab = 5 points
  • Tiger = 4 points
  • Gourds = 3 points
  • Shrimp = 2 points
  • Fish = 1 point

Note: This high-low bet is only available for certain websites. Most of them are not popular because they are difficult for players. In addition, some websites also have a bet to predict how many points the total will get. Each point has a very specific pay rate, for example, if a total of 4 points or 17 points gets a pay rate of 50 : 1, which this method is not popular as well. It’s also very difficult to win prizes.