Manchester City hit by forging financial documents.

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The Daily Mail sports reports that. Manchester City have been accused of falsifying £30 million in sponsorship documents an unknown figure.

Back in 2020 Manchester City defended allegations via UEFA. That the £15 million the club had received for filming a YouTube video was paid by an Abu Dhabi contractor when: 2012 and 2013. 

However, UEFA financial regulators concluded the money came from the club’s owner. Whose telecommunication business paid for it. UFABET Resulting in City committing a fraudulent source of income.

At the time, City were found guilty of breaching Uefa’s financial rules between 2012 and 2016 and banned for two years. But the English club was protected by an injunction by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The ban had no effect and the fine was reduced from 30 million euros to 10 million euros.

Yet City’s offense continued to come out Last year. The Premier League announced that City were guilty of 115 counts of financial misconduct over a nine-year investigation into 2018.

The Daily Mail cited.

The Times as saying the majority of the allegations were investigations into illegal payments and forgery. But City are ready to fight all charges.

The Premier League and UEFA are looking to attack Manchester City, who have been dodging channels all along. But even if there is evidence of injecting money into the club illegally. The Blues always find a solution.

The Times adds on this point that upon questioning the filmmakers were denied any information about the funding they received. and the production team would like to keep it a secret

For the Premier League and UEFA there are clear rules that each club has a limit on how much money can be added to the club and must be clearly stated, but in the case of Manchester City it has been avoided by finding a way to move the money to different places before being sent to the football club.